Georg Walmbach (Abteilungsleiter Schwimmen SSF), Martin Schulze (CEO BusinessCode) und Jürgen Schnürle (Stellvertretender Abteilungsleiter und Fachwart für Nachwuchsarbeit)

BusinessCode and the SSF – next Level

Our CEO Martin Schulze was in charge of the organisation at the 42nd International Youth Meeting of the SSF in Bonn. BusinessCode is the official sponsor of the SSF.

Digitisation and competitive swimming sports are now also going down common paths in Bonn. BusinessCode has been a sponsor of the SSF Bonn 1905 e. V. since summer. At the 42nd International Youth Swimming Meeting of the SSF, BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze took over the organisation.

BusinessCode’s software is used by reputable customers worldwide. Therefore it is important for us to support clubs like the SSF Bonn, an organization that also attracts attention beyond Bonn. The SSF and the IT service provider BusinessCode have a lot in common. Both have their roots in Bonn, are committed to the region and are internationally engaged. The “official sponsorship” includes the BusinessCode logo on the clothing of the association’s employees and the comprehensive sponsorship of the 42nd International Youth Swimming Meeting on 22-24 November 2019. This is close to our hearts because some of our employees or their family members are active swimmers.

BusinessCode has been supporting the SSF Youth Meeting since 2018. And so it was a logical step for us to get involved again this year. Especially since we have been official sponsor of the SSF since this summer. An official sponsor is something like a godfather, who will step in when it is necessary and sometimes even when it is fun. And this is what it happens regularly at the youth meeting. And particularly this year, there were four new records.

The traditional youth swimming meeting at the Frankenbad attracted hundreds of athletes, numerous fans in the stands and swimming fans all over Europe. Live broadcasts made it possible, so the races could be watched live on the Internet, supplemented by real-time results. In addition, impressions from underwater cameras from Bonn went out to the world. This shows that digitalisation and swimming have also moved closer together.

Our CEO Martin Schulze managed the organisation team at the 42nd International Youth Meeting

45 clubs from many countries from Bahrain via Belgium to Germany took part in the competitions in Bonn, which Martin Schulze, our CEO, set up with his SSF team as the new head of organisation. With 3.000 entries it was no easy task, and this in the old Frankenbad in Bonn. For us at BusinessCode, professionalism has nothing to do with size and environmental conditions. We know what is important and try to make the best of it, both in our free time and at work.

We as an IT service provider from Bonn are connected to the city just like the SSF. So we were very pleased to be able to contribute to the international recognition of the youth meeting in Bonn. Martin Schulze proudly presented our new poster. For him it is clear: The basic elements such as diligence, goal orientation and the will to succeed combine BusinessCode and the SSF. Both are rooted in Bonn, committed to the region and internationally active. Since our IT also plays a leading role internationally and is used worldwide, this can be summarised with the simple formula: top-class sport and top-class IT, rooted in Bonn, globally at work.

Fotos: Wolfgang Lingen