BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze

BusinessCode launches digitization campaign

For example with a separate page with digitization tips

Neutral information, tips for implementing the company’s own digitisation strategy via online seminars or as a checklist on a specially created information page. These are only some of the measures that BusinessCode is currently implementing.

Bonn, June 18, 2020. The Corona Crisis shows that digitization makes companies more flexible and more resilient in times of crisis. There is no way around comprehensive digitization of companies. And so the Federal Government and the States are supporting them with numerous measures as part of their digitization offensive.

“As a provider of customized solutions, however, we know that it is not enough to purchase new hardware or software. It is much more important that complementary tools also fit the company, its IT structure and the respective objectives,” begins Martin Schulze, CEO at BusinessCode, the Bonn-based IT service provider and expert in digitization. And this is not so easy without help.

Online seminars and cooperation

It is against this background that BusinessCode is launching its digitization campaign. This includes participation in online seminars organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or other associations or organisations to provide information on the opportunities and scenarios for planned investments in digitization. “It is important to us to pick up potential customers where they are and offer tailor-made solutions,” says Schulze. “Many companies do not know how to implement digitization. They simply create tools in the hope that it fits somehow. We would like to change that.”

In addition, BusinessCode is planning its own formats, which are currently in preparation. “20 – 30 minutes are enough to give an overview of what is important,” stresses Schulze. He himself experiences this especially when it comes to questions of whether a standard solution or rather an individual solution should be purchased, or how the use of cloud solutions can be designed. And it is precisely in the preparation of this decision that education, neutral information based on years of experience can help. Hence the in-house short online seminars.

A separate page with digitization tips

In addition, a separate page with digitization tips will be set up on the homepage. Here too, BusinessCode always compiles up-to-date tips, product- and supplier-neutral, to help interested parties with helpful information.

The choice of technology is one thing, the choice of the right partner is another. Especially in medium-sized businesses it is important to speak the right language and be accessible. And even in times of home office and remote access, this can be personal.

“With our current digitization campaign, we want to provide product-neutral information. Above all, we want to encourage companies to formulate their needs and goals more precisely so that they can only then look for suitable tools, i.e. deal with the question of software. And this also includes defining the core processes of the company. External support can be helpful here,” Schulze concludes.

Photo: BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze