Giorgos Fountakis

Giorgos Fountakis – My career at BusinessCode

Giorgos Fountakis works with BusinessCode as Full Stack Developer and is studying for his masters simultaneously.

My name is Fountakis Giorgos, and I am 22 years old and I started working with BusinessCode as Full Stack Developer in July 2022.

After a fellow student and friend of mine suggested the company to me I joined BusinessCode in July 2022. I think BusinessCode offers the best chances to start a career in the industry. The flat hierarchy gives me the chance to learn from the experts in in the team and I can get in contact with each one of them easily.

I am working especially close with my colleague Eugen. He prepares me to work on big projects in the future and I have started to become an important part of the team from the start.

Usually, my daily work routine starts with an expert meeting to review the tasks that I have worked on and discuss the next ones. The expert (that is an older member of the team, who has been with BusinessCode for a long time) helps me learning new technologies. Then I get some tasks that require these new technologies and coding techniques to improve my knowledge and work on my skills.

Currently I am working on the backend of a really fascinating project for a very big company.

If you want to get a job at BusinessCode, except from bringing programming skills, you should have patience and willingness to learn new things that will make you even better.

In the company I feel that we have known each other for many years. All my colleagues are friendly and willing to help you. In five years, I would like to be involved deeper in the projects and have my skills even more improved.

BusinessCode is what exactly I was looking for since I am studying for my masters simultaneously. Working part time from my home really is ideal.