Mahmoud Mohamed – My career at BusinessCode

Mahmoud Mohamed talks about his start as an employee at BusinessCode. The company offers many new opportunities to expand his knowledge.

My name is Mahmoud Mohamed, and I am 21 years old. I am originally from Giza in Egypt (yes, near the pyramids) and I am studying software engineering at the university Duisburg Essen.

I joined BusinessCode in October after simply submitting my application for the job via Stepstone. Now I am part of the company for two months and work as a full stack developer.

Out of several companies I chose BusinessCode because they offered me the best chances to start a career in the industry. Starting from the technologies and expertise to the big size projects the company offers the best opportunity to develop skills and be successful. The flat hierarchy gives me the chance to learn from the experts in the company.

At this point I can say that my career is going great so far. I am working closely with my colleagues Roman and Eugen and they, together with the rest if the team, prepare me to work on my own big projects in the future and I hope that I will start to make an impact soon.

My daily work routine depends on whether I am working from home or in Bonn at the office. It is important for me to visit the office on some days because the work vibes are incomparable. My workday normally starts by meeting one of the experts to review the tasks that I have worked on. The expert teaches me about some new technologies and then I get some tasks about these new technologies and coding techniques to improve my knowledge and work on my skills.

I cannot believe I am saying this but since I have been part of BusinessCode, I enjoy working on frontend development. I have been always a backend fan, but after all what I learned in BusinessCode, I can now say that I am a Frontend fan.

Not only knowledge and skills are the keys to be successful here. At BusinessCode also your mindset and willingness to learn something new every day are very important.

Thanks to my colleagues I already feel like I am part of the BusinessCode family. In five years, I want to be one of the main building blocks of the company’s structure. One day I would also love to help students starting their careers, like the experts are helping me right now.  

BusinessCode offers the best mix for students and anyone who wants to start a successful career in the industry.