Martin Bernemann und Martin Schulze mit dem gewonnen "Ludwig 2020/21"

Martin Schulze becomes a member of the “Ludwig 2022” jury

BusinessCode were awarded with the "Ludwig" for their management buy-out in 2020/21. This year, CEO Martin Schulze is part of the jury.

CEO Martin Schulze remembers with pride and joy when he, together with several other shareholders, received the coveted “Ludwig” medium-sized business award on stage in Windeck in the summer of 2021.

Schulze – like all the other candidates – was completely unaware that BusinessCode had been awarded for the special follow-up model with which they had competed. And now it continues for Martin Schulze. He gets to share his experiences from the competition, not as a participant, but as a member of the jury. An honor, but also a challenge at the same time.

BusinessCode had prevailed against five other companies in the “Business Succession” category and convinced the jury at the time. A not so easy undertaking, he is sure. But now he can use the experience of focusing on the essentials, of looking closely at what was done and how, to review and evaluate the responses of the current entrepreneurs.

Step one will be to look closely at how the companies present themselves on the nomination evening on March 14 in Malente’s Theater Palast. Because that’s also an important factor that goes into the evaluation. Schulze himself knows from his own experience how it feels to be up front. Whether he will take this into account in the evaluation remains his secret.

From mid-April, the completed questionnaires will be evaluated. That’s a lot of work if you want to do it thoroughly and accurately, as is his aim. He knows from his own experience that it’s not important to write everything, but rather to work out what’s special. At the upcoming jury meeting, Schulze will present and defend the candidates of his choice. We’ll see if he goes for one of the winners.

And then it’s off with great strides towards the awards ceremony. Traditionally, the members of the jury award certificates and prizes to the winners with a short laudation. Schulze will certainly be present here as well.

And then there will be a celebration. This time not the winning of the Ludwig, but the exciting task of a juror. And perhaps Schulze will be seen as a jury member again next year, if he enjoys it and does his job well, which everyone assumes he will.

Caption: Martin Bernemann and Martin Schulze with the won “Ludwig 2020/21” (Photo: Jo Hempel)