Aleksandr Zadorozhnyi

Aleksandr Zadorozhnyi – My career at BusinessCode

Aleksandr Zadorozhnyi talks about his work as overseer of Global Sales with BlueBoxSystems (of which BusinessCode is the owner).

My name is Aleskandr Zadorozhnyi, and I am 31 years old and I oversee Global Sales with BlueBoxSystems (of which BusinessCode is the owner).

I joined BusinessCode on July 1st. In fact, I am based in Helsinki and I completely work remote. Many of my colleagues, especially the new ones, do that and therefore the team with BusinessCode is spread all over the world and consists of a variety of nationalities.

A mix of factors made me chose BusinessCode as employer: The first was my 10+ years of sales experience and understanding tech solutions for the supply chain, global expansion goals that BusinessCode have for BlueBoxSystems. The other factor is that I like the way how smooth the product BlueBox Air is and what impact and value we can make for the world and customers.

Overall, it is a great place to work at. I am involved in a lot of activities and at this stage there are unlimited opportunities for partnership and business development.

So, what does my day look like? My daily schedule heavily consists of direct sales, business development and cold outreach and sales operations activities: I am trying to fit in general working hours but could start at 7 a.m. and make few calls late in the evening with counterparts from the Americas.

One of my areas is proactive and reactive sales. That means a proactive search for new leads and customers, creating a lists of potentials accounts that would enjoy using our product and get benefits from it. So of course, one of the main factors is networking with existing business connections that I or BusinessCode team have but also, I do invest up to 20-30% of time in automation tools that allows to increase outreach beyond the borders of your networking. Also, I participate in several calls per day with companies from different regions, like European Union, USA, Japan, India, South America. Additionally, I spent time to build new partnerships, support our brand by searching for good events and webinars.

Another area I work in is the RPF and tender calls, structuring materials, content and data for the future managers that would drive sales. There, I create materials, sales decks, contracts (together with our legal team) and store as much as possible useful information in various tools like CRM, Shared Drives. Once or twice per week, I post content relevant to a BlueBox Systems projects and cases in social networks like LinkedIn.

And finally, there are the internal weekly / be-weekly meetings. They are brainstorm sessions. These sessions are sometimes marketing-related, sometimes product related and POC, RFP related.

I really enjoy finding new people and partners with whom we can launch projects, achieve results, and make value for businesses and impact on the global scale.

As BlueBoxSystems is all about logistics (Supply chain for Air and Ocean visibility), I am involved in projects from the European Union and on a global scale with various customers from Automotive, to Pharmaceuticals to freight forwarding business.

The knowledge and skills that you need for my jobs is a mix of sales (negotiations, contract management, pipeline and forecast management) and tech skills (ability to present product), but also marketing (sales materials, marketing messages) and market knowledge (how different businesses operate, key KPIs and factors for them, where to search for customers).

In the future, I dream to see myself in the executive level of BlueBoxSystems once the company would become a leader in supply chain visibility and we would according to our strategic view. I would love to be in charge for strategic business development, sales with a dedicated team to focus on conquering the global market.

At BusinessCode, the team is committed to run a great business, develop great products and solutions for the logistics market. It is flexible and agile, fun to work and collaborate with and it is purely addressing global projects and challenges. So, anyone that wishes to be part of the connected world should consider working at BusinessCode. I can recommend it!