Analyse- und Auswertungsfunktionen der BlueBoxAir-Lösung

BlueBoxAir reports successful launch

The first projects are implemented after just a few weeks

Transparency is a mandatory requirement in logistics and now, thanks to BlueBoxAir, it is also possible in air freight across the entire supply chain. The fact that tracking in real time through IT-supported monitoring is an important factor in international logistics is demonstrated by the number of incoming orders shortly after the market launch of BlueBoxAir.

Bonn, 26. Januar 2021 “BlueBoxAir enables tracking of air cargo. Through the IT-supported monitoring of cargo in real time, the tracking tool creates unprecedented transparency across various stations on the way to the destination and this independently of the respective carrier,” Martin Schulze, CEO of BusinessCode GmbH, states explaining how the tool works. The system has been distributed since December by the specially founded subsidiary BlueBox Systems.

The disruptions in global supply flows caused by the pandemic and the challenges of global vaccine distribution, not least, have once again increased the importance of air freight and its transparency. Around the world, leading logistics players are stepping up to meet these challenges and strengthen their position. This is also reflected in the response to the new BlueBoxAir product from the Bonn-based company BusinessCode.

The new software allows individual stations of the air freight to be tracked in real time on its way to its destination. The shipper knows where the shipment is. He can thus provide information about the time of delivery at any time. And this is where the software expert’s customers see the special advantage of the solution. On the basis of the available information, further scheduling can already be carried out during the transport. This means, for example, that deadlines can be coordinated or the logistical process can be rescheduled at an early stage.

“Early planning is essential in the fast-moving economy and for time-critical freight shipments such as medical goods. This is currently illustrated by the transport of vaccines to combat COVID-19,” Martin Schulze explains this development.

The basis of the solution is a web-based platform on which all information on air freight shipments is clearly compiled. The special feature in this case is that this is done independently of airline, region or shipment type. The IT solution lists all shipments and displays the latest events of all shipments and the respective shippers in a clear dashboard. A live image – familiar from other tracking tools such as Flight Radar – visualizes the GPS coordinates of the aircraft with the cargo, which are differentiated by color according to “delayed”, “imminent delay” and “on time”. The shipper can thus see at a glance what needs to be done and can take action. Digital transparency across the entire supply chain is now readily available in real time, even in air freight. “Air freight always means time-critical shipments that are highly priced, thus reliable and fast transport is expected. Here we create transparency, which is essential for many industries, from pharmaceuticals to automotive,” Schulze is convinced.

And with a view to the existing analysis and evaluation function, BlueBoxAir facilitates the choice of the right carrier in the mid to long term. In this way, the topics of transparency in ongoing operations and strategic supply chain management are supported with one system.

Caption: Analysis and evaluation functions of the BlueBoxAir solution