Martin Schulze, CEO BusinessCode, am BlueBoxSystems Stand bei der BVL Konferenz in Berlin im Oktober 2022

BusinessCode with BlueBoxAir sustainably on the road worldwide

One can experience BlueBoxAir live on the Web Summit in Lisbon from 01.11.-04.11.22 as well as the "transport logistics Americas" in Miami from 08.11.-10.11.22.

BusinessCode are heading to the “Web Summit” in Lisbon and the “transport logistic Americas” in Miami with BlueBoxAir, the tool of their subsidiary BlueBoxSystems.

10/26/2022 “For us, autumn has become a kind of BlueBox rally. From the beginning of October to the end of November, we introduce BlueBox at different events. Our goal: to get in conversation, be it with logisticians, or shippers, or potential partners, to explain the advantages of BlueBoxAir,” begins BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze.

For the first time BusinessCode will be present at the “Web Summit” in Lisbon. The focus is on BlueBoxAir. The annual technology conference in Lisbon brings together the world’s leading IT providers and companies at the beginning of November. “We are looking forward to numerous discussions, because air cargo, like other industries, is facing major challenges that can be reliably and sustainably overcome with BlueBoxAir,” explains Schulze.

Directly afterwards, the company will travel to Miami to attend “transport logistics Americas,” the leading international event for IT in logistics and supply chain management. There, CEO Schulze is going have a talk entitled “Logistics made in Germany – Logistics for the future” on November 9. His topic: “Data Driven into a greener and leaner Logistics”, the core topic of both BlueBoxSystems and BusinessCode.

“Our product BlueBoxAir is in demand worldwide, it provides digital transparency across the entire supply chain in real time. This enables resource-saving scheduling in air freight and makes supply chains more resilient in the long term,” explains Martin Schulze, who previously attended the Reuters event in Brussels and the BVL conference in Berlin: Both events were a complete success for BlueBoxSystems.

One can experience BlueBoxAir live on the Web Summit in Lisbon from 01.11.-04.11.22 as well as the “transport logistics Americas” in Miami from 08.11.-10.11.22.

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Caption: Martin Schulze, CEO BusinessCode, at the BlueBoxSystems booth at the BVL Conference in Berlin in October 2022