Goetz van Rissenbeck – Meine Karriere bei BusinessCode

Goetz van Rissenbeck – My career with BusinessCode

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My name is Goetz van Rissenbeck, I am 55 years old and have been with BusinessCode as a freelancer since the beginning, and a permanent employee since 2001.

At BusinessCode I take care of the internal infrastructure and provide support for various internal projects or technical problem analysis for customer projects. And from time to time I also support in marketing.

It all began when our founder Hanno Gehron invited a wide variety of contacts from his network over 20 years ago to pitch his idea “BusinessCode” and also to gather critical feedback on its realization. His network consisted of contacts from university, his professional environment, but also from his circle of soccer friends as well as his private life. And I was one of these contacts.

And so I have held various positions at “BusinessCode” over the last 20 years. I have supervised several trainees “IT specialist for system integration”, was project and sub-project manager, supported compliance projects and was responsible for administrative tasks such as team management. An important milestone was the technical and organizational support of the outsourcing of IT to SaaS/Cloud solutions.

Since the end of 2014, I have been working for BusinessCode part-time and without a geographical commitment. Since then, my daily work routine is actually no longer a daily routine, but of course there are some fixed appointments. In addition to the system check on Monday morning (so that colleagues can work trouble-free), the (digital) Monday meeting for strategic matters is a fixed part of the program. In addition to my regular tasks, I’m always dealing with requests from my colleagues: “Can you help me out, I’d like to have a chat with you about my project environment, do you have any ideas?” With “Ask Goetz,” problems or needs for clarification from the project teams often end up on my table.

This already shows one aspect that I particularly appreciate at BusinessCode: The uncomplicated, friendly and target-oriented interaction with colleagues. This special, unique “BusinessCode” style allowed us to get through the home office time well. The very trusting interaction within the team and the friendly management culture at BusinessCode, which integrates employee needs, is a pleasure.

I also particularly enjoy the varied requirements. Here I can contribute my know-how and problem-solving skills. I am relatively free in my choice of scheduling, methods and tools. When asked what one should bring to BusinessCode as a new employee, I can only say: a high degree of willingness and ability to communicate, as well as the willingness to always learn independently and to deal with new technologies. In short: curiosity, a sense of responsibility and the will to shape things.

Goetz van Rissenbeck