Goetz van Rissenbeck

Yes, I do!

"I am BusinessCode", "We are BusinessCode" - The takeover from our own ranks ensures the continuation of the proven and development of the new.

“Yes, I do” – this answer was the logical consequence to the question whether I as an employee or we as a team should take over the company. I have been part of the team at BusinessCode for many years, developing software tools for our internationally active customers and taking care of internal IT. I personally have held a small share in the company for several years. So with the management buy-out, I am increasing my stake – and even if nothing changes in my position as an employee, the management buy-out means new beginnings. We have a financial stake and continue to be employees with all rights and securities.

Our founding partner and main shareholder Hanno Gehron had decided to pass BusinessCode into new hands. He was looking for a partner and looked around on the market. The idea that we, the colleagues, could be these new hands developed during this time.

Employees taking over their own company happens all the time. As a rule, it is one or two heads who change sides and become shareholders. In our case, we ended up with 10 colleagues who became shareholders of the BusinessCode GmbH. And our founder Hanno Gehron also remains associated with the company as a shareholder.

What reads like an easy path here was not always easy in the background. In between, there were moments and hurdles when we doubted the success of our idea, but we solved these through open discussions with everyone, with individuals, depending on the situation. In addition to the internal need for coordination, there were also the external circumstances, which were not always easy to master. Corona made personal meetings or even the daily interaction in the office, which is important for the human component of such a decision, difficult.

In the end, I said “yes” with conviction, and so we are taking off as an ownership team with BusinessCode. We know what we are getting into, we know each other well and we value each other very much. We as a team keep our internal structures, but BusinessCode is now ours, so we are also de jure BusinessCode.

Since I also felt very attached to the company before, the new legal basis changes little for me. My teammates and I remain employees and can still help shape the company. For us, responsibility has nothing to do with ownership. De facto, we have always been BusinessCode. And I, for one, am sure that this will remain the case; I am very confident about this.

And so I signed the contract of sale. And look forward to the celebration, which we will catch up as soon as it will be possible.

Since November 2020, I am now a partner and employee in the team of BusinessCode and I can say it was the right decision!

Goetz van Rissenbeck