Hybrid training of new employees

Medium-sized company from Bonn sets a sign for the future

After the Bonn-based IT expert BusinessCode introduced and implemented its own New Work concept “hybrid working Made by BusinessCode”, the first employees have now been hired and will be trained almost 100 percent remotely.

Bonn, 15. September 2020. The IT consultant BusinessCode from Bonn can currently welcome three new colleagues to the team. With Henrietta Szasz, Maryam Assaedi and Dominik Bunz, two women and one man will strengthen the BusinessCode development team from October.

In IT, the signs point to growth, this is undisputed. But how are new employees to be trained when the majority of colleagues are mainly in the home office? The “New Work Concept” of the medium-sized business dealt with exactly this question. Developed from the lockdown situation, the company in Bonn now lives a mixture of home office and secure office work. And starting in October, the training of new colleagues in the home office will also be put into practice.

Hybrid work made by BusinessCode

“For us it was always clear that we would continue to grow in the future. We also had to find a permanent solution for the recruitment and induction of new colleagues for times of hybrid work,” explains Martin Schulze, CEO of the internationally active IT service provider based in the city of Bonn. And so the signing of the contract, which took place last week, was the only appointment so far that was made in person. “And it will remain so for the time being,” adds Martin Schulze. “We are continuously developing hybrid working and so the training of new employees is the next step we will now take.” A nice side effect of the current onboarding, the team of IT experts is becoming more feminine.

The recruitment was actually the first face-to-face meeting in the selection process. Before that, everything ran online, starting with the announcement and the application. “The real meeting was important for us. There is no substitute for a personal meeting to get to know each other. From now on, however, it will continue online. The two new colleagues will be trained remotely and will then work mainly from their home office. Our customers will not notice any difference due to the technical infrastructure”.

BusinessCode as a pioneer for medium-sized businesses

“Each of the three IT specialists will join one of our project teams,” concludes Schulze. “The familiarization takes place within the framework of ongoing projects, “training on the job”. This concept has proven itself and will be continued as hybrid work”.

However, it is also true for the other team members; getting to know each other personally at the start is a must. And so the three newcomers attended the team meeting directly after the contract was signed. Such a meeting takes place in the modernized office rooms at loose intervals in compliance with the current regulations in order to maintain personal contact.

Currently two of the junior staff members are in the Master’s program. Both have already expressed interest in writing their master’s thesis together with BusinessCode. This is nothing new for the Bonn-based company. Many employees have already started working for the digitization expert as student trainees and interns and have written their theses in-house.

Caption: Martin Schulze and Martin Bernemann with the new colleagues Maryam Assaedi and Henrietta Szasz and the new colleague Dominik Bunz