Johannes Schlippe – My career at BusinessCode

"Management-Buy-Out made by BusinessCode": The new shareholders introduce themselves

My name is Johannes Schlippe and I have been working at BusinessCode since 2008.

Here, as a project manager, I am responsible for 3rd level support and project management and continuity of one of our longest running projects, among other things. From a technical point of view, the project belongs to the environment of international express logistics. I also work as a backend developer.

I originally studied mathematics at the University of Bonn and following my studies, initially considered a university career, obtained a doctorate and worked in university teaching for a longer period of time.

Hanno Gehron, the founder of BusinessCode, is a good university friend of mine and was able to inspire me to work for his company 13 years ago. I have never regretted the decision to work for BusinessCode and therefore also became a co-owner of BusinessCode as part of the management buy-out in 2020. The decision to combine my personal future with that of the company has been anything but difficult for me. This is mainly because there is an incredibly constructive, competent, pleasant and collegial working environment at BusinessCode. The colleagues are all very well trained; we help each other and learn from each other.

In addition, I have great fun with the daily intellectual challenges. At BusinessCode, I can develop in the directions that are important to me personally. Here you are challenged and encouraged to learn new technologies and methods and to develop them continuously.

What also makes working at BusinessCode special is that there are very flat hierarchies in the company. The goal is for each employee to formulate projects together with the customer and then implement and support them from start to finish. This requires a lot of technical know-how, as what is implemented is continuously developed, expanded and redesigned to meet the customer’s needs.

I can only recommend working at BusinessCode. The working environment that exists here not only allows you to get to know new technologies and tools, but also creates opportunities to develop in many directions and invest in your own personal future. I myself can well imagine working at BusinessCode until retirement age.

Johannes Schlippe