Active MINT promotion with BusinessCode

Three pupil interns at the Bonn IT expert.

BusinessCode promotes MINT professions in the region. This includes membership in the association “WISSENschaf(f)t SPASS“, presence at vocational preparation events at Bonn schools and also the offer of internships. And so three pupils completed their internship with the Bonn IT service provider before the lockdown.

25. Mai 2020. “For us at BusinessCode, it is particularly important to bring this future-oriented topic of IT to schools in an application-oriented manner,” emphasizes CEO Martin Schulze. “And so we were particularly pleased to be able to welcome three pupil interns to our company! The three students from the Realschule Hardtberg already completed their three-week compulsory internship at BusinessCode in February / March. Initially, one of the three candidates was interested in an internship in the IT sector and became aware of the IT service provider via the homepage. After establishing contact and a positive application process, two other schoolmates also wanted to do an internship at BusinessCode. No problem for the IT company. For three weeks, the three secondary school students experienced what it means to develop IT and to supervise customer projects. This also included international cooperation with DHL.

Equipped with company-owned laptops, they were an integral part of the team. “You get a very interesting insight here,” the three of them declared unanimously. And they reported from fellow students that they are far from being allowed to play such an active role in other industries and companies. CEO Schulze smiles: “An internship in IT does not necessarily mean playing games. Above all, it’s about seeing how we develop business solutions. The job with us is varied and you have to be able to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and adapt to their needs”. The commitment seems to pay off: All three interns can already imagine working in the IT sector after school, even applying to BusinessCode.

It would not be the first time for the company. “We have always had interns and also trainees who stayed with us afterwards. This is almost ideal for the team spirit and know-how at BusinessCode. That is what makes us a team,” concludes Schulze.

And so we are looking forward to making such an intensive and future-oriented exchange between school and work possible again. At BusinessCode, we know how important it is to gain initial experience with the broad spectrum of application-oriented IT at an early stage, and this simply cannot be done digitally via video conferencing or web training.

Against this background, BusinessCode will continue to be extensively involved in the region, wherever MINT expertise is required. As a member of the support association “WISSENschaf(f)t SPASS” with the Deutsches Museum Bonn, in cooperation with various schools and as a supporter of the Maths Pro association, which organizes the annual regional round of the Maths Olympics.

Bildunterschrift: CTO Martin Bernemann and CEO Martin Schulze as members of the association “WISSENschaf(f)t SPASS” at the Deutsches Museum Bonn