BusinessCode fördert MINT in der Region Bonn/Rhein-Sieg - Martin Bernemann und Martin Schulze im Deutschen Museum Bonn

BusinessCode on the way to the Math Olympics

BusinessCode supports Mathe Pro e.V. in Bonn

The association Mathe Pro e.V. organizes the annual regional round of the Maths Olympics in Bonn as well as maths weekends for the respective prize winners. Since the association is financed by donations, BusinessCode was approached in the search for sponsors. IT logic on the basis of mathematical algorithms is part of the day-to-day business of the international team. So it soon became clear that one cannot start early enough to promote math competence.

Mathe Pro e.V. is the “Bonn Association for the Promotion of Pupils Interested in Mathematics”. The association was founded by math teachers of several schools in Bonn and meanwhile also includes parents among its members. Since 2003, it has been promoting young people in the region with mathematics weekends in the Eifel and organises the Bonn regional round of the Mathematics Olympiad.

The Bonn Maths Weekend for pupils of the 4th and 5th grade takes place regularly once a year. For them you rent a room in one of the Bonn schools’ country homes. Supervisors and mentors are mostly from older age groups. All this is financed by membership fees and donations. The last mathematics weekend this year was used to prepare for the state competition in Hamm on 22 February. There, the Bonn region was once again able to provide the largest group of 20 participants due to its many years of good results.

Mathe Pro: BusinessCode promotes MINT professions in the region

Since some of our employees’ children had already taken part in the math weekends, our founder Hanno Gehron himself was a winner of mathematical youth competitions and we actively promote MINT professions in the region, the decision was quickly made. The support of Mathe Pro is a matter close to our hearts. We would like to support the outstanding work of the association, which promotes the mathematically interested young people of Bonn, as a sponsor.

Our sponsoring is intended for the selective young talent work in the club. The math weekends are only a part of it. In this way we are making a contribution to the MINT competence of the region. Just as with our other sponsored projects, the idea is similar to the one we have made our company philosophy. To successfully attract attention beyond Bonn with the Bonn location. The Mathe Pro e.V. is another regional project that we are happy to support.

By the way! 2020 is a special highlight for the club, which will host the national round of the Mathematics Olympiad in autumn. The 200 best mathematics students from all over Germany will be there.

Caption: BusinessCode promotes MINT in the Bonn/Rhein-Sieg region – Martin Bernemann and Martin Schulze at the Deutsches Museum Bonn