Martin Schulze, CEO BusinessCode und BlueBox Systems

BusinessCode: Start-up BlueBox Systems receives international award

The start-up BlueBox Systems by Bonn-based IT company BusinessCode was honored by the Logistics Tech Outlook magazine.

With the start-up BlueBox Systems, the Bonn-based IT company BusinessCode ignited the next stage in the field of supply chain transparency and was honored as one of the ten most innovative companies by Logistics Tech Outlook magazine.

Bonn, 15.09.2021 Digital transparency and real-time data access are the supporting pillars of modern logistics. In recent months in particular, the importance of these business-critical functions has become clear. This has become visible, among other things, through the shortage of freight capacities, which has led to a significant increase in freight prices.

“Industry leaders around the world are looking for reliable solutions that provide transparent shipment tracking data to optimize them,” explains BusinessCode CEO Martin Schulze. Although real-time access to shipment information has been possible for other modes of transport for some time, it has not been for air freight. BlueBox Systems – a spin-off of BusinessCode – is stepping into this very gap and developed a custom-fit platform that integrates various elements of the supply chain. “With the BlueBoxAir platform, customers can visualize, among other things, live existing air freight capacities of trade routes. Immediate needs for action can be identified and decision-makers can take action at short notice,” explains Martin Schulze.

As the driving force behind BlueBox Systems, BusinessCode has over 20 years of experience in the field of logistics IT, especially in air freight management. This knowledge has gone into the development of the now award-winning platform. It enables those responsible to monitor and manage all shipments in parallel. With BlueBoxAir‘s intuitive dashboard, deviations such as split shipments, delays and missed connections, as well as many other aspects, can be monitored at a glance. In addition, shippers and carriers are enabled to measure the performance of the transport chain and carriers, e.g. in order to engage alternative service providers for future shipments.

BlueBox Systems is the only provider on the market to have integrated Logmore‘s sensors into its platform. The result is revolutionary transparency for the logistics industry, providing the basis for seamless supply chain and logistics operations, especially for temperature-sensitive transport chains in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

“Understanding market requirements is a key element of business success,” explains Schulze. “From the operations manager, who takes care of day-to-day business, to the supply chain expert, the requirements of each user group are different. And it’s precisely this different information that supply chain systems need to map to specifically support each group in their day-to-day business.” BlueBox Systems’ platform provides an intuitive solution for much-needed transparency in air freight.

And it is precisely for this unusual approach of integrating complex IT into one solution and making it easy to use that BlueBox Systems was named one of the world’s most innovative logistics companies by Logistics Tech Outlook magazine in August. “It makes us very proud to be noticed and awarded by the industry after such a short time,” concludes CEO Martin Schulze. But that’s not all, in Bonn they are also pleased about increasing interest in the market in the form of connected customers coming from all regions of the world.

Caption: Martin Schulze, CEO BusinessCode and BlueBox Systems